Paragliding Pilot Training (P4)

Turkey, Denizli, Kayseri
Activity Duration:
2 Weeks
Cancel up to:
Until 10 days
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Training Region

In this phase of the paragliding training, a more continental climate is preferred at the training region because flights will be done to gain altitude by using thermal forces and to do distance flights using this altitude. Flight areas designated in Denizli and Kayseri provinces where our school performs its training activities regularly are the most suitable areas in Turkey for this level.

In the Pamukkale and Çökelez regions of Denizli, Experienced Paragliding Pilot Training requirements are met in our training activities held in June, July and August where thermal activity is seen more. Similarly, Alidağ in Kayseri region, which is convenient for thermal flying in the same time frame, is one of the most suitable areas we provide this level of training.

Training Program

In this phase of paragliding training, learners continue their flights needed to be performed in thermal conditions, under the supervision of trainers, until reaching a certain number of flight hours and sorties. The number of flight hours and sortise needed to be achieved are as follows:

  • Minimum 10 sorties of thermal flying overall with minimum 30 minutes of each sortie.
  • Minimum 10 sorties of thermal flying overall with minimum 30 minutes of each sortie.
  • All flights must be done under the supervision of a responsible instructor pilot and with GPS recordings.
  • Flights without GPS recordings are not considered to have been done.

These necessary flights are planned under the supervision of a responsible instructor pilot in Denizli and Kayseri regions during Thermal Flying and XC Camps on the dates designated by our school or in other regions determined such as Serdivan, Pamukova, Bolu, İnönü in the regional training programs.

In order to complete the training successfully:

​● Learners must complete flight requirements stated above successfully.

​● Learners who complete this phase will join "all emergencies-SIV" practices.

The above points should be met. Learners who have successfully completed practicing all emergencies are entitled to get P4 license by completing the Paragliding Pilot Training.

Note: Trainees join the training with their own flight materials. During this camping period, trainees who cannot meet the requirements of flight sorties and hours can join a second camp held in the same year without paying an extra fee. (If there is no contingent left for the next flight camp, the trainee is shifted to another camping period deemed suitable by the school management.) The fee for practicing emergencies to be applied at the end of courses is not included in the training fees.

Conditions of Participation

In order to participate in this phase of the trainings, following criteria must be met:

  • Not having a disease with the risk of having an attack such as Asthma, Heart Condition, Hyperglycemia, High Blood Pressure;
  • Being in a physical condition suitable for applying the movements required by the sport;

​● Having successfully completed the intermediate-level paragliding pilot training.



Included Services
  • Transportation to flight area
  • Turkish Air Association(THK) and World Air Sports Federation(FAI) Paragliding Certificate


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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