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Turkey, Firtina Vadisi, Çamlihemsin, Rize
Activity Duration:
3 Days
Cancel up to:
Until 15 days

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✪ Huser Plateau with 360 degree view, Gito, Sal & Pokut Highlands with breathtaking views, Starting points of Swing fury Gito & Huser

✪ Çeçeva tea gardens with perfect landscape, sunset on Huser or Gito Plateau, Palovit, the highest flow rate of the Black Sea, the world's 2nd largest boxwood forest

✪ Level: Easy, Highland and forest



After the meeting at Trabzon Airport at 10:30, we set off for the Storm Valley with our vehicle. We will enter the valley after about 1.5 hours of coast road journey.

After a 40-minute journey, we will arrive at Çinçiva Village.

Pokut and Sal, where we will go out with the appropriate vehicle according to the weather and conditions, have been the subject of magazines many times, with two 200 meters high springs. All houses in these plateaus built on the hill are completely wooden. The virgin highlands are surrounded by a wild forest. The view is insatiable.

The wide grassy area in front of Sal Plateau and the plateau houses lined up behind offer a different beauty. Especially sitting on the bench on the top of Sal is watching around and pulling the fresh air into the lungs is something that is said to be experienced.

The half-hour straight forest walk between the two plateaus will add a different beauty to the day.

After this short walk, we enjoy the view of Pokut Plateau this time. On the one hand, on the one hand, Kaçkar, on the other hand, if we have the chance, the sea of ​​clouds and the mountain islets with their heads out of the clouds. You will not be able to get enough of Pokut, surrounded by a natural old forest with no axes.

Pokut is one of the most preserved highlands in the region. Crooked construction is not allowed, even electrical cables are underground.

After the plateau visits, we go down the valley to settle in our hotel. Dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation Type: Mountain / Plateau Hotel


Today, we go first to the Elevit Plateau, which is 1800 meters high. It is one of the most known plateaus in the region and is actually a village. In other words, he has a lot of headmen, an old delegation or something. In fact, there is no one but the elders. The plateau was once famous for its vartivor festivals. Now there is no old excitement, but this plateau, which is very popular with travelers, still maintains its beauty. The wooden houses will affect you in the valley.

After leaving Elevit, we will go down and go to the boxwood forest. Although it is the second largest boxwood forest in the world, there is no definite evidence about this. In recent years, boxwoods got sick and dried up. You will say why you brought here. The dried boxwood forest has an interesting beauty. Of course, our wish is to revive the boxwood. :(

After leaving the Boxwood Forest, we go to Palovit Waterfall. The 15-meter-high waterfall is not the highest, but it is the waterfall with the highest flow in the region. Those who want can go down the road and take pictures at the bottom of the waterfall. After this break at the waterfall, we move on to Zil Kale (Zir Kale). After visiting and photographing the castle dating back to the 14th century, we take our local lunch and return to our hotel. After resting for a certain time in the hotel, we set off towards Huser Plateau to set the sun. We will also have some treats here.

After leaving the hotel and arriving at Çamlıhemşin, we will take the Ayder Plateau road. If desired, we will take a short photo break at Ayder Plateau and go to Huser Plateau via Avusor Plateau road.

It stands out with its high plateau sea at an altitude of 2320 meters and its location that sees everywhere. And the swing that touches the clouds you see in social media is here. We will wait for the sunset after walking around the plateau and having our photo taken on the swing. If there is a sea of ​​clouds, you will encounter one of the most beautiful views you see in this life. You can take photos or just watch. :)

After this busy day, we will return to our hotel. Dinner will be late.

Accommodation Type: Mountain / Plateau Hotel



On the last day of our tour, we will go to one of the plateaus that have preserved the originality of the region, walk to the summit and then visit the Badara Mezra and walk around.

After loading our belongings in our vehicle and leaving the hotel, we arrive at the Gito Plateau at an altitude of 2050 meters with an approximately 1 hour journey. In a position that overlooks the Storm Valley; Pokut Plateau, Çat Village, Badara Mezra, Altıparmak Mountains and even if the weather is clear will constitute our landscape.

After getting off the entrance of the plateau from our vehicle, we walk for 20 minutes until the house at the top of the plateau. Then we will take another walk up the hill you will see on the plateau. Anyone can take this walk easily. After about half an hour, we will reach the top. The scenery here is incredible. A point that also sees the sea with a 360 degree panoramic view. After taking a short break here, we go down to the plateau for lunch.

After the local lunch, the descent begins. We pass from Gito Plateau to Badara Mezra with our vehicle. Badara Mezra is actually a small plateau. It gives a nice photo with the small pond in front of it.

According to the remaining time, we will stop by Rize Cloth Workshop and Sürmene Knife sales points. We reach Trabzon Airport around 16: 45-17: 00. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye.

Have a nice trip to see you on another trip.


  • Depending on the condition of the hotels and hostels to be accommodated, the program can also be started in reverse order.
  • According to the weather conditions, the order of the plateaus can be changed in terms of the scenery.
  • Instead of the plateaus that cannot be reached due to weather and road conditions, another plateau where the conditions are appropriate will be visited.


We want you to taste the local delicacies as much as possible. Of course, you will not be able to taste some of the Black Sea dishes whose fame is very popular in season.

Lunch will also take place in a facility, village house, or lunch box, depending on the destination. Chairs are included in the price.

We are sure you will. Breakfasts and dinners are the property's menu.

All in all this is not a gourmet tour. Of course, the regime is not a tour you can do ... We will offer everything possible. I can say that you will be satisfied with the food.


● The tour cannot be canceled except if the number is not sufficient except for force majeure. If the tour is canceled by the company, the tour fee will be refunded.

● According to the situation of the hotels and pensions to be accommodated, the program can be started in reverse.

● According to the weather conditions, the order of the plateaus can be changed.

● The plateaus that cannot be visited due to weather and road conditions will be replaced by another plateau where the conditions are appropriate.


Included Services
  • Round-trip flight tickets
  • Profesyonel rehberlik hizmeti
  • 2 gece otel konaklama,2 kahvaltı,2 akşam yemeği
  • Tüm ara transferler
  • Havaalanı transferleri
  • Tüm geziler
  • Öğle Yemeği
  • Müze ve ören yeri girişleri
  • İkramlar
  • TURSAB zorunlu sigortası
  • Güler yüz ve kaliteli hizmet
Excluded Services
  • Trabzon’a ve Trabzon’dan ulaşım
  • Öğle yemekleri
  • Rafting & Macera parkı aktivite ücretleri
  • Otellerdeki ve yemeklerdeki tüm ekstralar
  • Dahillerde belirtilmeyen tüm hizmetler

Optional Services
  • Single Accommodation: 9 EUR


  • Day 1: Storm Valley or Ayder Plateau / Rize

    Day 2: Storm Valley or Ayder Plateau / Rize

    Child accommodation

    0-5 Years old free children Sleeps in the same bed as the parent. There is no separate bed. There is no seat in the vehicle. (Facility is full and unavailable)

    Children 6-12 years old stay in the same room as the parent. There is no separate room.

    Single accommodation

    First of all, due to the lack of facilities in Black Sea tours, situations that are not under our control in single accommodations may occur.

    Individuals who participate in our tours alone are placed in the same room as their fellow, unless otherwise stated (unless you pay the single accommodation difference). If the participants prefer to stay in the room by paying the single difference, they will try to provide a single accommodation according to the availability of the facilities and the reservation order. However, this may vary from plant to plant. This means that one day you can only stay in the room and the other day you have to match, sometimes this is unpredictable. In this case, the fee for the day you cannot stay is refunded.


  • Almost all airlines have morning flights.

    You can come with any airline you want to be in Trabzon at 10:30 at the latest. Those who arrive before this time have to wait, and those who arrive late have to meet with the group with their own means.

    On the day of return, we leave our participants to Trabzon Airport at 17:00 at the latest. Your return flight must be 17:50 or later.


    • Istanbul Airport - Trabzon Departure: 05:30
    • Istanbul Airport - Trabzon Departure: 06:45
    • S. Gökçen Airport - Trabzon Departure: 07:00
    • S. Gökçen Airport - Trabzon Departure: 08:20
    • Esenboğa Airport - Trabzon Departure: 07:55


    • S. Gökçen Airport - Trabzon Departure: 07:50

    Our intermediate transfers are made with Volkswagen Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter.

    Note: 0-6 years old children do not have a seat in the transfer vehicles. Travels on the lap of the parent (if the tour is full and the car is not available)



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