We took Bukla our guidance, one step further, and founded Bukla in 2000. At the beginning, we started with our old friends, survived the crises, passed the difficulties and grew up day by day with new friends, nature-loving people and their advice. We have always worked for the better.

Today Bukla is one of the leading agents in the field of our country. Your share in this is very high, because we have reached these days with your advice, praise, support and friendship. We have always held a hand caressing our back more valuable than making money. This bond we established between us led to the formation of such a morality.

We do not have written rules, we do not have contracts that we sign under, but we have things we believe, above all, we believe in nature and the right to life of living creatures in nature, we believe in the equality of people, we believe in the holiness of labor, we believe in law and democracy. We reject all forms of gender, ethnic and religious discrimination, racism, hate speech, everything that does not comply with universal values. We desire a beautiful planet where beautiful people live.

Thanks to the Bukla Tur, Tarzanpark Adventure Park, Nordic Hotel and Oberj Hotel businesses, we thank everyone who believes in our sincerity, trust and friendship.

Türsab Document No: 4709