Alanya Yeşil Kanyon Tekne Turu

Türkiye, Alanya, Antalya
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The Alanya Green Canyon trip offers the tourists and exclusive journey to the beautiful green canyon by boat and one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Taurus Mountains and swim in the crystal clear waters there. The trip can be taken from Alanya, Konaklı , Mahmutlar and Avsallar

Alanya Green Canyon

Alanya Green Canyon is a full day trip to the enchanting locations of Green Canyon Lake. This boat ride takes place on one of the most beautiful dam lakes of the world. Nature is at its best here and the ride through the canyon makes you forget the bustling city life you have come from.

The Alanya Green Canyon ride is suitable for people from all age groups. This is a full day boat trip to the said location and one can see lush green scenery and woodlands all around the canyon. The journey begins from the lake and from about 9 miles from there, the emerald green water of the canyon starts. The surroundings are superb and keep you in awe. The endangered Brown fish owls are found in this area. Keeping yourself attentive is quite recommended to catch a glimpse of this endangered species.

The boat halts for a swimming break mid way. Lunch is taken at a local lakeside restaurant. Refreshments and snacks are served on board the boat too and one can relax while munching on these eateries, seeing the panoramic beauty of the Taurus Mountains range all around.

Twelve kilometers to the north of manavgat, lies the Oymapinar dam constructed between 1977-1984. This is the fifth largest dam in Turkey and the only dam to offer fishing and boat trips. In 1980s it was third largest dam, but as other dams were constructed, it reached the fifth position. The power station at the Oymanpinar dam has four underground turbines with a capacity of 540 megawatts, which produce 3% of the Turkish electricity. The dam is 185 meters tall, 30 meters thick at the base and 5 meters at the top. When the lake is full, the water reaches depths of 200 meters.

Fishing can be done in this dam on request. After the exquisite boat ride to green canyon, the boat returns back to the shore.


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