Moonlight Cappadocia

Turkey, Cappadoica, Goreme, Nevsehir
Activity Duration:
4 Hours
Cancel up to:
Until 10 days

Moonlight Cappadocia

Are you ready to discover fascinating valleys of Cappadocia under the moonlight and witness miracles of the nature and history?

Held in 2015 first in cooperation with Uzunetap, Argos Culture and Arts and under the sponsorship of Argos in Cappadocia, Moonlight Cappadocia which offers unforgettable experiences to the participants will continue in 2019 with the same spirit!

During the activity to be performed at a full-moon night every month, a nice walking under the moon light in the most impressive valleys of Cappadocia and a short concert in Kolonlu Church that will touch your soul are there for you. To be performed in company with guides, Moonlight Cappadocia will turn to be an experience you will never forget with short breaks in amazing points, treats and concerts.

After the sunset we will complete our registration procedures and go to the starting point of walking, Çavuşin Güllüdere entrance point, via transfer cars. Following our 1-hour trip under the moonlight with our guides we will give a break in the Haçlı Kilise from the 10th century and see Cappadocia from the perspective maybe we haven't known before in the most impressive structures of Cappadocia. Later on, an amazing concert in Kolonlu Church will be there to us. We will finish our trip with a 40-minute walking in the Red Valley and get back to Göreme via cars.

We will be looking forward to you to enjoy the serenity and mystery of Cappadocia together!


Please state the date you want to participate in the Note section.

20 April 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)

18 May 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)

15 June 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)

20 July 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)

17 August 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)

14 September 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)

12 October 2019 - Moonlight Cappadocia (Saturday)  

Activity Program


20:30 – 21:00   Meeting in front of the Göreme, Royal Balloon, registration procedures

21:00 – 21:15   Transfer to the starting point of the walking (Göreme - Çavuşin Entrance Güllüdere 2)

21:30 – 22:30   Güllüdere 2 – Haçlı Kilise walking (nearly 1 hour)

22:30 – 22:45   Haçlı Kilise break

22:45 – 23:00   Haçlı Kilise - Kolonlu Kilise walking (15 minutes)

23:00 – 23:20   Concert in the Kolonlu Kilise and drink service

23:25 – 24:00   Kolonlu Kilise - Red Valley walking (40 minutes)

24:00                 Red Valley – Göreme Transfer


Important Notes

  • Participant capacity for the activity is limited to 40 people.
  • Participants must be over 18 years old. People under 18 may participate with their parents.
  • In the case that force majeure like natural disaster, heavy rain and bad weather conditions occur that may endanger the walking and participants organization reserves its right to cancel the activity. In case of cancellation participants will be informed at least 2 hours before the activity and payments will be refunded.



Comfortable trousers suitable for walking and walking shoes should be chosen in the activity. Considering the temperature difference between the night and day in Cappadocia we recommend you have seasonal sweatshirt/coat. A small back-pack may be helpful to make your hands comfortable during the walk. Throughout nearly 1 hour walking to the break point you can have water that you will need.

In the summer program moon will start to be seen at around 20:00 and increasingly rise. Moonlight is expected to give sufficient light in the walking, but you can have a torch or head torch.


Included Services
  • Guidance
  • Soft drinks during concert


  • This activity does not contain accommodation.


  • This activity does not contain transportation service.



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