Sushi and Cocktail Workshop

Turkey, Istanbul, Besiktas
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1 - 2 Saat
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✪ Learn the Particulars of Sushi and Cocktail! 🍸🍣🍹

✪ Activity Start Time: 18:00

Sushi which means 'sour'; Rice vinegar is made by bringing rice together with raw fish, various seafood and vegetables. There are many varieties of sushi, but in most countries maki and nigiri are preferred. Maki, rice and seaweed selected material is made by wrapping into slices. Nigiri is formed by placing fish or other seafood on the ball of rice.

The word cocktail is a combination of two different words. American writer Joseph Nathan shed light on this event in his First Famous Facts book. According to writer Nathan, he was a New York barmaid in 1840 who made his first cocktail. This bar, where this barmaid works, was supposedly decorated with cock tails. A drunk customer jokes, "Can you give me a double from those cock tails?" It caused the barmaid Flanagon to flash a lightning bolt in his brain and he put the drinks in a glass and stirred it and placed a feather from the tail of the cock on the cocktail. That's how the cocktail name came up.

Participants will learn the subtleties of making both sushi and cocktails.


Professional chef Mehmet Sahin will teach you all the techniques you should use while making sushi. The bartender and mixologist Hakan Tunçbilek, who also took part in the global competitions, will also present his knowledge and reviews of this business while making cocktails. At the end of the day, we will finish with sushi and cocktails.

You will learn about sushi types, sushi making techniques and cocktail making in this enjoyable activity, which will take about 2 hours. No experience or talent is required, anyone can participate. All techniques will be demonstrated by expert chef Mehmet Şahin and bartender Hakan Tunçbilek.


Included Services
  • Sushi Ingredients
  • Cocktail Ingredients


  • This activity does not contain accomodation.


  • This activity does not contain transportation service.



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