Shooting Range Area -Kadikoy,Istanbul

Kadikoy, Istanbul
Activity Duration:
10 Shooting
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Until 1 days

✪ An exciting, focused experience 🎯

Do you want to relieve city stress? The shooting experience is for you. We bring our guests together with our professional team in our facility located in Kadıköy.


Our facility has 2 different shooting ranges. In the first polygon there is a call-to-target target system, and in the second polygon there is an action target system, a fixed target system and a tilting target system for reaction studies.

Both of our ranges are designed to be equipped with additional target systems, if required. Both of our ranges are designed for shooting needs; standing, running, lying down, kneeling.

Basic shooting training is provided by our expert instructors before shooting. You can choose one of the following packages during the reservation stage.

  • 10 Shots: 50 TL
  • 20 Shots: 95 TL
  • 30 Shots: 140 TL


  • Walther P99QA Pistol 9 mm
  • SigSauer SP2022 Pistol 9 mm
  • Canik 55Pistol 9 mm
  • Girsan YAVUZ 16 Handgun 9 mm
  • Sarsılmaz SWORD 2000 LIGHT Pistol 9 mm
  • Sarsılmaz BERNARDELLI Pistol 9 mm
  • Sarsılmaz K11 Pistol 9 mm


  • Shooting activity is for persons over 18 years of age only.
  • The identity card or passsport of the shooter should be brought by him/her.
  • Customers who come to shoot must not be under the influence of any substance, otherwise, they can not participate this activity.
  • A short initial shooting training is provided.


Included Services
  • Basic Shooting Training
  • Use of Bullets According to Package Selection


  • This activity does not contain accommodation.


  • This activity does not contain transportation.

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