PADI Open Water Diver (PADI OWD) Course

Turkey, Izmir
Activity Duration:
EN 2- 4 Gün
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Until 2 days
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You can be a Certified Diver with PADI Open Water Diver Course

You can start to discover the amazing beauty, mystery and three-dimensional reality of underwater world with a beginner's level Open Water Diver Course. Our course is carried out with five theoretical lessons, four dives for shallow water skills and finally training for four open-sea skills.

Theoretical Lessons

We have flexibility in determining the days and hours together because these are Learner Centered Courses. When we complete your registration, we can determine the day and hour of our first Theoretical lesson with you. Also, we will send the forms to your e-mail written in your file. These forms are in PDF format and they are prepared to enter information. When you join your first theoretical lesson with filled-in forms, we will create your file soon and start our theoretical lessons using the PADI Open Water Diver Course book in Turkish that will be given to you during registration. Each theoretical lesson lasts for about 2-2.5 hours. At the end of the first lesson, we will determine the day and hour of our next theoretical lesson and end the day.

Shallow Water Practices

After you pass the Final Test following completion of theoretical lessons, we will proceed to the most important stage and go to the pool or sea at the depth of maximum 5 meters for Shallow Water Practices. In this part, shallow water practices for four time will be performed with 5-6 skills of each. While practicing to improve these skill here, you will learn how to solve possible problems that you may face under the water. Before entering the pool or sea, we will give you briefing on which skills are required to be demonstrated under the water, why we need them and how to demonstrate them. Then, we will enter the water and get in line for our training. As your trainers, first, we will show the skills one by one and then, ask you to do them. After the first skill is accomplished, we will congratulate you and we will proceed with the second skill and accomplish all skills. After each one of shallow water skills is accomplished, we will make a short diving tour with you by paying attention to the depth (five meters at maximum). Following this tour, we will rise to the surface and complete our diving/skill training.

Open Sea Practices

Following completion of shallow water skills, we will continue with the last stage of our course. Here, there are two important differences: First one is that trainers will not teach you the skills that we want you to have in this training stage. Because you will have already obtained these skills in the shallow water stage. The reason to repeat them here leads us to the second difference. And this one is demonstrating the skills under deeper water. The depths are increased up to 12-15 meters at this stage. Finally, we will go as deep as up to 18 meters and at the end of the course, we will reach the maximum depth where you can go with a diver. Now, you have become a PADI Open Water Diver.

Requirements for Participating in the Course

Following your payment, you will need to fill in the forms sent to your e-mail address you give and bring them to the first theoretical lesson. In addition, you need to bring the both-sided photocopy of your Identity Card along with 1 (one) passport-size photo with a light-color background.

The Inclusives in the Course Fee:

  1. Theoretical Lessons,
  2. Course Book,
  3. Badge,
  4. Wall Certificate,
  5. Diving Equipment

The Non-Inclusives in the Course Fee

  1. Pool entrance fee
  2. Entrance fees of the diving facilities and boat fees,
  3. Transportation


Included Services
  • Courses
  • Training Book
  • Badge & Wall Certificate
  • Diving Equipments


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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