1st Level Sailing Yacht Training (4 Person)

Turkey, Istanbul, Kadikoy
Activity Duration:
6 Hours
Cancel up to:
Until 2 days
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You participated in the “introduction to sailing yacht” program of ATAK Academy and decided to directly receive sailing training. From this time, words like pier, flag, reef, unfurl, tack, stanchion and fender will have very different meanings for you. Be ready to step into a new and magical world.


The days when you will increase your confidence in the wheel of the sailing yacht and enjoy the wind, waves, and the whole nature are looking forward to you. As ATAK Academy, we have prepared a "1st level sailing yacht training" program for participants who didn't have any sailing yacht training before or have a little knowledge to introduce them marine and sailing, who want to gain the basic sailing skills and establish a background for the sailing training they may continue in the future.

At the end of this training, you will have learned basic marine terms, the most necessary sailing bends, hoisting, driving the boat with sail and the main concept about the marine life. This training is conducted completely in the sea for four times, lasts for three hours each and the boats we use for this training are sized 9 meters 10 centimeters, they are two beautiful ladies (you can learn why we call them ladies during classes) named Birgen and Baydar, classified as 30T, branded Ege Yat.

We also have Umay II and Serhan of 7 meters 60 centimeters, classified as Platu 25, with brand Beneteau. The features distinguishing our boats from other sail training boat types are that they have internal volume/cabins and cranes to use for lifting heavy weight. Ege Yat 30T boats also have toilets. You bring your seasonal outfits and rubber sole shoes to the trainings and we supply you with seasonal protective outfits, life vests, training booklet, drinking water, coffee and tea, if you wish.

If you have been someone who have preferred to sail on weekends until now, first, we will ask you which day you will come, Saturday or Sunday. If you are saying that I get up early, we expect you between 09.30 am - 12.30 pm, or between 13.30 pm - 16.30 pm if you want to come after breakfast.

If you are saying that my job is suitable to join on week days, we can make a special plan for you. When arranging groups for our new sailors, we start in groups of four people at minimum or six people maximum for Ege Yat 30Ts and of four people maximum for Platu 25s. By the way, after your request to join the training is received, you can form a group with your friends, if you desire or when a four-person group is arranged, we will inform you about the beginning date of the training at least three days in advance. We are looking forward to seeing you among us for this unique experience which will last for 12 hours and where you will also get your "1st level sailing yacht training" certificate at the end with the privilege of İstanbul Yelken Kulübü-ATAK Akademi. We wish you fair winds and following seas...


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  • Photoshoot
  • Meal


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  • Transportation is included



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