Uzunetap Night Runs

Turkey, Sariyer, Istanbul
Activity Duration:
6 Hours
Cancel up to:
Until 5 days

With Uzunetap Night Runs performed at different times of the year on Neşet Suyu track of the Belgrade Forest, a brilliant night full of entertainment and sports is looking forward to you!

The series promising the most unforgettable night run experience of all year is performed on two tracks such as 6K and 12K. 

Categories, Dates and the Course

Please state the date when and category at which you want to compete in the Note section.

23 March 2019, Saturday Belgrad Category 6K/12K

15 June 2019, Saturday Belgrad Category 6K/12K

7 September 2019, Saturday Belgrad Category 6K/12K 

Category 6K

Course Duration: 1 Hour

In this category, players will reach the finish line by running the whole course for once.

For the 6K runs, there will be no classification in the "age" category. A general evaluation will be made in 2 categories as man and woman.

Category 12K

Course Duration: 2 Hour

In this category, players will reach the finish line by running the course for two times.

For the 12K runs, there will be no classification in the "age" category. A general evaluation will be made in 2 categories as man and woman.


Belgrad night run will be performed in two categories as 6K and 12 K on the Belgrade Forest, Neşet Suyu running track. The track is a stable road in the forest.

Registration & Application

In order to complete the registration procedures, you need to fill in the information form completely shared by Uzunetap company and send it to us. After making your payment, these forms will be sent to your email address that you state during reservation.

Registrations of our competitors who fill in the information form completely and send it to us will be finalized. Participants whose registrations are finalized can check their names on the "Registered Runners" list at the Uzunetap activity page.

Competitors can get their kits by submitting their identity cards at the kit distribution area that will be specified in the competition region on Saturday.

Liability and Insurance

Participants are liable for participating in the organization. The organization company is exempt from any kind of liability. This includes accidents, lost properties or other tools/equipment. After all participation documents are received, all the participants accept that they and their team members have no health condition to prevent them from participating in the run.

Also, pursuant to the TAF's (Turkish Athletic Federation) instruction for the special road competitions, all competitors are insured by the Federation throughout the competition. Insurance fees are paid by the organization company.


Giving the chest race number and chip to someone else is a reason for disqualification.

Getting out of the competition track or changing the track leads to disqualification of the competitor. 

Competition Program

 - 18:00  Entertainment/On-field activities

 - 18:00 - 20:00  Delivery of competition kits and chips

 - 20:00  Briefing

 - 21:00  START

 - 23:00  Awarding ceremony

Participation Prices

In order to participate in the competition, a participant needs to fill in the required form from the application section and pay the participation fee for the category s/he wants to participate. It is of the  responsibility of registered players to participate in the competition. In case you cannot come to the competition or request the cancellation of your registration, participation fees are not refunded.

Registered players are responsible for getting their kits before the start time of the competition. After the activity ends, kit distribution/delivery will not be made in any way.

* 10% of each registration fee is donated to the Bir Dilek Tut Association.

* 5 TRY of the registration fee is paid to Turkish Athletic Federation as the insurance fee of each participant.


Included Services
  • Right to Participate in the Competition in the Selected Category
  • Turkish Athletic Federation Competitor Insurance
  • Competitor Kits


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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