Jungle Istanbul Triple Entertainment: Jungle Park, Safari, Dungeon

Turkey, Istanbul
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1 Day
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✪ Adventure lovers meet in Jungle Istanbul!

✪ Jungle Park, Dungeon of Horror Tunnel, Safari and exotic creatures are together, 3 in one for an adventure-filled day.

✪ Ticket prices for this campaign is only valid for Turkish citizens.

You will discover exotic animals🐒 in the fascinating world of Jungle Istanbul which is established on 5000 m2 area and you will spend hours with exciting and mysterious journey in the Dungeon🗝️ and Safari🐘 tunnels. In Jungle Park, you'll find hundreds of exotic creatures you've never seen before.

Set the direction of the adventure! In Safari, you'll be the hero of the story, hunting evil spirits with your laser gun.

Jungle Park🐒

A mysterious world with hundreds of living things together bir

In the exotic world of Jungle Park, hundreds of interesting creatures from tropical fish, arthropods, reptiles, mammals and birds invite you on a fantastic journey. In addition, "Nature and Park" information trainings are held every day with a special presentation.


How about an exciting journey of fear?

The gates of the dungeon open for those who challenge the fear.

Would you like to see what awaits you in the deep corners of the tunnel?

Warning: Suitable for children over 10 years old.


Be a hero, not an audience. An adventure in the dark!

In Safari, you will not only travel and see, but you will also guide the story. Be prepared for the surprises that will be on your way!

Jungle Istanbul, Turkey's largest theme İSFANBUL holding in the parking await you in Shopping and Entertainment Center on the ground floor.



  • Weekdays: 10:00 - 20:00
  • Weekend: 10:00 to 21:00

The baby (0-3 years) is free.


As Jungle Istanbul, we are a part of the struggle for increasing the population of the endangered species and protecting them. Our primary goal is to protect these creatures by providing the necessary environment for their reproduction and support them to multiply and to protect the world by raising people's awareness in this direction.

Many zoos around the world communicate with each other through network networks to save natural life and support each other for conservation efforts. Our park has made the necessary applications to become a member of WAZA and IUCN and expects to join these eco-friendly organizations. Jungle Istanbul has supported and continues to support the conservation campaigns around the world every year.


Included Services
  • Jungle Park, Safari and Dungeon entrance tickets
Excluded Services
  • Personal Expenditures


  • This activity does not contain accommodation. 


  • This activity does not contain transportation service. 




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