Paragliding T1 Tandem Pilot Training

Turkey, Ayas, Ankara
Activity Duration:
4-6 Days
Cancel up to:
Until 3 days
Pay On the Spot Option: 

Trainings are given by certified trainers who received training under THK. Pilots who want to fly commercially doing the paragliding sport or fly with their loved ones can join.


Pilot will be able to do tandem flight with her/his passenger and learn about the techniques of flying by taking the responsibility of others. Pilot will learn necessary commands and gain the skills to safely take-off, fly, lose altitude and land. Learners will start the course with 6 hours of theoretical program (video supported) which they will make use of during each stage of their tandem flight. In addition to these lessons, learners can achieve adequate wing control with practices on the ground. After theoretical lessons are completed the learners will be subject to a test for normal and emergency procedures and the first stage of the course will end.

Having learned the wing control at suitable areas, the trainee will do tandem flight with the trainer from a higher altitude under the supervision of trainers. Training flights are video recorded, and they are evaluated after the flight so that learners can gain perfect landing and take-off techniques, especially landing with pitch control is taught. Learners will complete their trainings by doing minimum 10 flights (5 of which with trainers) from hills of 350 meters high at minimum.


Our trainings are given at the hills and weather conditions suitable for paragliding training in Ankara-Gölbaşı, Ankara-Ayaş, Bolu-Abant, Denizli-Pamukkale, and Sakarya-Serdivan.


  • Ankara, 07-13 October 2019


  • Material Information
  • Flight Technique
  • Conduct
  • Practical Flight and Safety
  • Emergency Actions
  • Throwing Reserve Parachute
  • Not Being Dragged


All pilots who will join the camp must meet the conditions below.

  • Having no disease or disability
  • Having received a complete SIV training,


  • The number of the learners is 14 at maximum.
  • Our club reserves its right to cancel the course due to the meteorological conditions. In this case, you can either join a course in a different period or get your money back.
  • Paragliding is actually a safe nature sport if performed within the limits and appeals to a quite large population. However, this sport is not an activity like the ones we do every day such as walking or running and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, our priority is always SAFETY during this training period and the training of learners who are not considered suitable for paragliding sports may be stopped at any stage and again, if practicing this sport threatens the lives of learners, their training is stopped at any stage. Trainee's objections will not be accepted at this point.


Included Services
  • Eğitim süresince kullanılacak ekipman ve eğitim materyalleri


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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