Paragliding Pilot Training (P4)

Turkey, Ankara, Denizli, Oludeniz, Oren
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EN 4-6 Hafta
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Until 10 days
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Pilots who want to improve themselves in paragliding must participate in Pilot Training (P4) in order to fly with their own command and perform longer flights. The training course is given by licensed trainers who received training under the entity of THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association) according to the training regulations applied worldwide. 


A discount of 750 TRY for woman pilot candidates and students!

After payment, please send your documents to [email protected] with your reservation code. Following the control and approval procedures, the discount amount will be refunded to the credit card by which you make payment.


The aim of the pilot trainings is to develop the learners' skills they gained with club piloting, especially on advanced level sail and thermal flight. In these flights, learners start to gain skills like maintaining the right orientation, controlling the parachute during turns, turns with and without brake and changing weight, being able to perceive the changes in air speed and ground speed, finding a thermal and centering. Trainees start doing their first distance flights at this stage. At the end of the pilot training, trainees can fly from anywhere within his/her limits without the supervision of a trainer.

Our trainers will guide the trainer via amateur radios during the flight and emphasize on what they have learned. The training flights are video recorded, and they are evaluated by trainers after the flights so that learners can gain the perfect flight technique. Trainees will complete maximum 30 sorties (5 of which are emergency trainings) / minimum 10 hours of thermal flights and 2 minimum 15 km of distance flights (GPS recorded flights) from various hills.

Regular attendees of courses can be trainer, tandem, aerobatics, paramotor and competition pilots by attending the next P5 (Experienced Pilot) trainings if they want, after completing their trainings. Our club is an active training institution across the country where any kind of training on paragliding is given by experienced trainers under it.


  • Doing all the checks before flight.
  • Completing maximum 30 sorties and 10 hours of GPS recorded thermal flight time in total.
  • Doing at least 2 soaring flights not shorter than 30 minutes
  • Being in control wholly during take-offs and flights.
  • Doing at least two 15-kilometer distance flights,
  • Doing at least 2 flights from the hills with the altitude of 500 meters and above.
  • Gaining an altitude of 500 meters and being in the air for one hour in at least one flight,
  • Successfully applying emergency flight training maneuvers (pitching and diving control, speed-bar usage, big ears, wingover, 25-40% asymmetric collapse, front collapse, spiral, B-line, spin and full stall).
  • Flights must be GPS recorded.


Emergency maneuvers training prepare a pilot for unexpected situations that may happen during flights and teaches what s/he needs to do in these situations. Trainees who complete their high altitude flights and get approval from their trainers go to Ölüdeniz, for at least 3 days and get complete SIV trainings in order to receive their certificates.


Training is given in the hills and airs suitable for paragliding in Ankara Ayaş and Aksaray Hasandağ. And for emergency maneuvers training, in Ölüdeniz, Alanya or Ören.


  • Human Factor,
  • Navigation,
  • Flight Technique (Soaring),
  • Controlling the Parachute,
  • Aerodynamics,
  • Air Traffic Rules,
  • Meteorology,
  • Practical Flight and Safety,
  • Active Pilotage,
  • Sail Flight Technique,
  • Thermal Flight Technique,
  • Distance Flight Technique,
  • Emergency Actions,
  • Reserve Parachute Releasing/Packing,
  • Test Systems
  • Using Amateur Radio.


The course will last until all pilot candidates have training in the same standards.

  • Ankara, 01-31 August 2019


All pilots who will join the course must meet the conditions below.

  • Having paragliding club pilot (P3) certificate.
  • Having own paragliding parachute set.
  • Participants must be at least 16 years old. (Parent's permission is needed for the ones under 18.) Everyone who can run at a slow pace may participate.
  • Having no health condition that may prevent participants from flying (the ones who have health conditions related to epilepsy, asthma, heart, waist and spine cannot participate).
  • Having suitable fitness and physical conditions. Being 1.50 m tall at least and 2.00 m tall at most as well as 40 kg at least and 120 kg at most. Being able to run at slow pace.


  • Flight materials
  • Transportation to the flight region and accommodation fees
  • All personal expenditures
  • Insurance and certificate fees


  • Our club reserves its right to cancel the course due to the meteorological conditions. In this case, you can either join a course in a different period or get your money back.
  • Paragliding is actually a safe nature sport if performed within the limits and appeals to a quite large population. However, this sport is not an activity like the ones we do every day such as walking or running and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, our priority is always SAFETY during this training period and the training of learners who are not considered suitable for paragliding sports may be stopped at any stage and again, if practicing this sport threatens the lives of learners, their training is stopped at any stage. Trainee's objections will not be accepted at this point.


Included Services
  • Paragliding Pilot Training
  • Full SIV Training (SIV II)
  • Pilot Training Book
  • THK Approved Paragliding Pilot Certificate(P4)


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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