Paragliding in Kaş

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Turkey, Kas, Antalya
Activity Duration:
1-2 Hour
Cancel up to:
Until 1 days

If you want to feel free like a bird and see Kaş, Pearl of the Mediterranean, over the sky paragliding is just for you...

Having conducted thousands of successful flights since the first day when paragliding was introduced in Kaş, our pilots and we share this amazing experience with you.

Open your arms and leave yourself to rhythm of the wind. Flying is Freedom!


You will not fly alone. Tandem paragliding wings are designed for two people, pilot and passsenger. Your experienced and international certified pilot control the wing. Only you have to is watching the view and enjoying the flight. 


First we meet at our office in Kaş at the time we scheduled together. Approximately a 20-minute drive, we will reach to the take-off area where is located nearby Asaş Mountain with a height of 650 metres

Before taking-off, we will give a short briefing. Your pilot and you will put on the flying equipment and your wing will be prepared. 10-15 minutes, now you are ready for take-off. 

You will run a couple of steps with your pilot, your feet will be off the ground and now we are flying! 

Around a 20-30 minute flight, you will enjoy the magnificent view of mountains, sea, Meis and Kaş in company with our experienced pilots.

Our flight will finish with a gentle landing at Kaş seaport. During landing, all you have to do is standing up when your pilot tell you. That's it! Noe you will return your home with an unforgettable memory from your holiday.


● Total activity time will be around 1 hour but the weather conditions and the number of passgengers may affect the time schedule. 

● Our insurance policy covers you and 3rd party people.

● In the flight, passenger can not use their own selfy sticks because of safety. 

● Everyone, who are not overweight and can make a couple steps of run, can fly with paragliders without trouble. No age restrictions but weight limit exists. Passengers weighted between 20-110 kilograms can fly safely with us. 


Included Services
  • Hotel Transfer
Optional Services
  • Photo and Video: 26 EUR


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Tansportation is included from hotels.

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