Experienced Paragliding Pilot (P5) Training

Turkey, Denizli, Kayseri
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10 Days
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Training Region

In this phase of the paragliding training, a more continental climate is preferred at the training region because flights will be done to gain altitude by using thermal forces and to do distance flights using this altitude. Flight areas designated in Denizli and Kayseri provinces where our school performs its training activities regularly are the most suitable areas in Turkey for this level.

In the Pamukkale and Çökelez regions of Denizli, Experienced Paragliding Pilot Training requirements are met in our training activities held in June, July and August where thermal activity is seen more. Similarly, Alidağ in Kayseri region, which is convenient for thermal flying at the same time frame, is one of the most suitable areas where we provide this level of training.

Training Program

The training will be given between the dates stated in the training calendar in Denizli and Kayseri regions with a 7 to 9-day camp. Trainees are expected to join the training with their own flight equipment. At the first day of the training, equipment is checked and if there is a reserve parachute which was not unpacked and repacked for longer than 6 months, it is done.

The training program lasts for the whole days, theoretical lessons start at 09.00 am and continue until 11.00-11.30 am according to the evaluation of daily meteorological forecasts. After the theoretical lessons, practical part of the training starts at the flight region. After the orientation flight and thermal practices to be performed at the first day, XC try-outs will be made on the route designated in the briefing before the flight after evaluating meteorological forecasts every day.

During these flights, commands will be given to the trainees via amateur radios by the instructor pilot above; this will enable them to get good position and flight safety is ensured by the same instructor observing air traffic. For the pilots who can use thermal forces effectively and get good position for XC, permission is given to continue on the same route accompanied with an instructor pilot or assistant trainer with adequate experience on the route. Pilots who don't have any experience on that route are not permitted to continue on the XC route without an instructor pilot or assistant trainer for the reason that it will decrease the flight safety.

Pilots who reach the meeting area on the designated routes at the end of the day are taken back to the camp region with the cars allocated by our school. Flights will be evaluated in the meeting at the end of the day and preparations will start for the next flight day. GPS records of the valid flights are collected by the assigned instructor pilot or assistant trainer.

Trainees must complete a distance of 90 km overall in maximum 4, minimum 2 sorties and one flight of minimum 15 km in order to accomplish the experienced paragliding pilot training. As an example, flights shorter than 15 km are not included in the total and if a pilot performs flight of 90 km or more distance in one sortie, s/he must do 1 more flight that will be of minimum 15 km.

In order to complete the training successfully:

​​● Receiving all theoretical lessons and being successful in the written exam;

​● Completing distance flying requirements,

​● Documenting the flights with GPS records;

The above points must be met.

Conditions of Participation

  • In order to participate in this phase of the training, the following criteria must be met:
  • Not having a disease with the risk of having an attack such as Asthma, Heart Condition, Hyperglycemia, High Blood Pressure;
  • Being in a physical condition suitable for doing the maneuvres required by the sport.

​● Having successfully completing the paragliding pilot training.

  • Having your own flight equipment.
  • Having minimum 20 hours of flight experience.
  • Having practiced all emergencies under the supervision of a trainer.


Included Services
  • Paragliding experienced pilot training
  • Experienced Pilot Book
  • Turkish Air Association(THK) and World Air Sports Federation(FAI) Paragliding Certificate


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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