Paragliding Beginner Training

Turkey, Istanbul, Ormanli, Bursa, Denizli, Amasra
Activity Duration:
9 Days
Cancel up to:
Until 5 days
Pay On the Spot Option: 

Details of a Whole Package Training Program for P1 - P2

In the training program of 7 days (extra +2 days), trainings for P1-Pilot, P2-Ground Pilot and P2-Altitude flights are provided together. Our Full Package Beginner Trainings are regularly provided every month in line with the activity calendar.

Number of Participants and Trainers:

The number of participants is limited to 12 people maximum for the quality of trainings. There are 2 trainers at minimum in our trainings.

Flight Equipment:

During beginner trainings, Ikarus Havacılık flight equipment is used. Participants do not need to buy any equipment. For each weight range, we use wings with different square meters. 2 people at maximum use each equipment. As reservations before the activity are made according to this weight range, early reservation is advantageous.


Included Services
  • All trarining equipments
  • Transportation to flight area
  • Theoritcal Book written by instructors
Optional Services
  • Photoshoot: 7 EUR
  • Video: 7 EUR


  • Accommondation is included.


  • Transportation is included



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