Paragliding Beginner Training

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Turkey, Serdivan, Sakarya, Adapazari
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7 Days
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Until 5 days
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As the largest Paragliding Flight School of Turkey, we give training in Sakarya/Serdivan and conduct tandem flights (two-people flights ,in company with an experienced trainer). You can feel the flight excitement in the unique nature of Sakarya with our experienced trainers or if you want to feel the flight excitement on your own, you can be the new pilots of the sky by getting training.


Our school has been actively operating in Sakarya for five years. Serdivan, where our training hill is, makes transportation easy because it is the central district. It is the training field closest to İstanbul and the central area for Marmara region. 240 meters high, Kırantepe take-off area is suitable for paragliding training at the beginner level as well as providing a safe practicing environment for the other advanced level trainings offered for the development of our learners.

All the social needs are met easily in the region. Because the class of our school is just 5 minutes away from the flight area, we can act quickly according to the changing weather conditions. Trainings of more than 500 learners have been safely completed in this region. The region is suitable in terms of the weather conditions needed for paragliding trainings. In the front part of our training hill, there is a landing field of enough size and where there is no bad weather condition, allocated for our paragliding pilots by our school. Basic needs are easily met during breaks, compared to the rural areas.

The next training periods: 6-21 July 2019


In order to complete your paragliding training safely, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Not having a disease with the risk of having an attack such as Asthma, Heart Condition, Hyperglycemia, High Blood Pressure;
  • Having turned 17 (for participants under 18, having received a permit from the responsible person);
  • Having weight of 45 kg at minimum and 120 kg maximum,
  • Being in a physical condition suitable for doing the maneuvers required by the sport.


Included Services
  • Flight Equipments (Wing-harness-reserve-helmet-knee guard)
  • Turkish Air Association(THK) and World Air Sports Federation(FAI) Paragliding Beginner Pilot Certificate
Optional Services
  • Photo and Video: 9 EUR


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included

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