Paramotor Training

Turkey, Ayas, Ankara, Manisa
Activity Duration:
4-6 Days
Cancel up to:
Until 10 days
Pay On the Spot Option: 

Having started doing paragliding, you can start paramotor sport, if you want to be in the air as much as you wish and to take off from flat ground, fly even in bad weather conditions anywhere (over the sea or lake) and anytime.


The candidates who consider starting the paramotor flights must have at least an Intermediate-Level Paragliding Pilot (P3 Club Pilot) (30 sorties, 10 hours) license.

Theoretical lessons: Necessary information such as information on equipment, flight technique, air traffic rules, aerodynamics, emergencies, meteorology etc. is given. After theoretical lessons are completed, the learner will be subject to the test of normal and emergency procedures and the the first stage of the course will end.

Training on the ground: Candidates for being pilot having received theoretical courses start to practice straight and reverse take-off techniques. These practices last for up to 2 days. After the wing control without a motor is thoroughly maintained, practices on the ground will end.

Practical training on the ground and flight: Briefing on paramotor equipment is given and flying with paramotor engine is simulated by hanging. With paramotor, straight and reverse take-off practices on the ground as well as take-off and landing practices will start. Lastly, after flight and maneuver tasks are completed, 15 flights in overall  will have been performed and the training will be completed. All flights are camera recorded and criticized.


Our courses are given on flat ground and in weather condition suitable for paramotor training in Ankara-Gölbaşı and Manisa.


  • Manisa 21 October - 4 November 2019


  • Equipment introduction,
  • Contact with amateur radio,
  • Safety (environment, motor, fan and fuel),
  • Theoretical differences of paramotor from normal flight,
  • Equipment installation, maintenance and preparation for flight,
  • Take-off techniques in adverse, straight and different wind conditions,
  • Simulation of running engine and using gas,
  • Flight tasks with motor (straight, turns),
  • Altitude control and route planning,
  • Trim speed system usage,
  • Maneuvers and low altitude maneuvers,
  • Brake usage, fast and slow flight,
  • Last approaching,
  • Points to be considered while landing,
  • Usual mistakes,
  • Engine faults and maintenance,
  • Physical obstacles and fitness,
  • Fan,
  • Reserve parachute in paramotor,
  • Equipment selection.


All pilots who will join the camp must meet the conditions below.

  • Having no disease or disability
  • Having received basic SIV training,


  • Flight materials
  • Transportation to the flight region and accommodation fees
  • All personal expenditures
  • Insurance and certificate fees


  • The number of the learners is 5 at maximum.
  • Our club reserves its right to cancel the course due to the meteorological conditions. In this case, you can either join a course in a different period or get your money back.
  • Paragliding is actually a safe nature sport if performed within the limits and appeals to a quite large population. However, this sport is not an activity like the ones we do every day such as walking or running and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, our priority is always SAFETY during this training period and the training of learners who are not considered suitable for paragliding sports may be stopped at any stage and again, if practicing this sport threatens the lives of learners, their training is stopped at any stage. Trainee's objections will not be accepted at this point.


Included Services
  • Equipment and equipment materials to be used during the training (trainee is responsible for the broken fan)
  • Video and photo shooting
  • Paramotor training booklet
Excluded Services
  • Flight materials
  • Transportation to the flight region and accommodation fees
  • All personal expenditures
  • Insurance and certificate fees


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included



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