Austria Kössen Flight Trip (30 May - 2 June)

Turkey, Kössen, Austria
Activity Duration:
EN 3-4 Gün
Cancel up to:
Until 15 days
Pay On the Spot Option: 

Kössen flight trip will be do in Austria, which is the paragliding equipment production center of Europe. The region is among the safest flight areas in the Northern Alps with its moderate thermals and over 6,000 flights are performed there.

Every year, a festival is organized in Kössen, city of Tirol region, in order to celebrate opening the season. Paragliding, harness and other flight equipment producers join the festival and allow users to use their products to make test flights, so the festival is called “Super Paragliding Testival”. Super Paragliding Testival Kössen has been held regularly since 2009 every year and all the paragliding equipment producers allow the participants test their equipment for free.

Accommodation will be made in a hotel or hostel near Kössen, which is a holiday town. The duration of the flight trip will be arranged in short programs of 3-4 days. Pilots must complete their passport, visa and ticket procedures minimum 30 days before the flight.




  • Kössen, 30 May-2 June 2019


All pilots who will join the camp must meet the conditions below:

  • Having no disease or disability to prevent you from the travel and flight,
  • Having received basic SIV training,
  • Having own flight equipment and electronics,
  • Having a passport valid for at least 6 months and a valid Schengen visa or Green passport at the travel dates.


  • Airway transport fees (For the Airport-Hotel transfer, flight ticket must be the same as of the group)
  • All food fees except for breakfast
  • All personal expenditures
  • Lift fee between landing area and take-off (30€ per day)
  • Visa/Passport and departure fees


  • The number of the learners is 10 at maximum.
  • Our club reserves its right to cancel the course due to the meteorological conditions. In this case, you can either join a course in a different period or get your money back.
  • Paragliding is actually a safe nature sport if performed within the limits and appeals to a quite large population. However, this sport is not an activity like the ones we do every day such as walking or running and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, our priority is always SAFETY during this training period and the training of learners who are not considered suitable for paragliding sports may be stopped at any stage and again, if practicing this sport threatens the lives of learners, their training is stopped at any stage. Trainee's objections will not be accepted at this point.
  • If pilots document that they cannot join the trip up to 48 hours before the flight hour due to the reasons like death, birth, accident, disease regarding them or their immediate family 80% of the payment is refunded.
  • Our club reserves its right to cancel the trip up to the last 15 days. In this case 90% of the payment is refunded.


Included Services
  • Accommodation,Guidance
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Airport - Hotel - Airport Transportation
  • Hotel - Festival Area Transportation
Excluded Services
  • Airway Transportation
  • Meals except breakfasts
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Landig ant take-off lift fee (Daily 30€)
  • Visa/Passport and other expenses


  • Accommodation is included.


  • Transportation is not included



/ person

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