Basic Emergencies (SIV) Training for Paragliding

Turkey, Oludeniz
Activity Duration:
3 Days
Cancel up to:
Until 15 days
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One of the most exciting phases of paragliding, emergencies are practiced in Ölüdeniz/Fethiye region for ensuring more safety. In the flights from the hills located in the region that provide take-offs to each direction, trainees having flown to a point above the sea with sufficient altitude can apply emergency maneuvers safely.

Ölüdeniz is also a popular region for the domestic/foreign paragliding pilots who want to combine their holiday with paragliding emergency practices with its amazing nature, beach and sea.

Training Program

Paragliding emergencies are practiced in two levels. Trainees who have completed the intermediate-level paragliding pilot training will apply maneuvers of "Basic Emergencies" and the trainees who have completed the paragliding pilot training will apply maneuvers of "All Emergencies."

All emergency maneuvers to be applied are explained by instructor pilots with videos in theoretical courses and the things that trainees must pay attention during their practice are highlighted. Paragliding Emergencies Booklet prepared by our flight school and to be handed out during theoretical courses explains in written form all the emergency maneuvers that you will learn during theoretical courses and helps trainees review these after the courses. Also, you can see the video of emergency maneuver using QR codes included in the booklet.

Basic Emergencies

Trainees who have met flight requirements of the paragliding pilot training complete their trainings successfully by applying the below emergency maneuvers:

  • Effective big ears
  • Asymmetric collapse
  • Coordinated asymmetric collapse
  • Front collapse
  • Understanding the deep stall point
  • Deep 360-degree turns and spirals
  • Wingover

The Next Activity Date:

20-23 April, Practicing Paragliding Emergencies

In order to complete the training successfully:

​● Having applied all emergency maneuvers suitable for his/her level.

Above conditions must be completely met.



Included Services
  • Paragliding SIV training
  • Reserve Folding
  • Basic SIV Training (SIV I)
  • SIV Training Book
  • Speed boat
Excluded Services
  • Personal Expenditures


  • This activity does not contain accommodation.


  • Transportation is not included



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