Paintball Enjoyment in Umraniye, Istanbul

Turkey, Istanbul
Activity Duration:
1.5 Hours
Cancel up to:
Until 2 days

✪ A fun and adrenaline-filled battle with your friends: Paintball 🔫

Are you ready for this adrenaline-packed activity with your friends, colleagues or loved ones?


The paintball game is played with paint capsules and air pressure guns that launch these capsules. Two teams are formed and game finishes with the right strategy, coordination and skill by a winning team in a defined area.

Refereeing Service and All Equipment (Weapon, Tube, Thermal Mask, Camouflage, Protective Vest, Beret and Gloves) are provided by us. The net playing time is 1 hour. The total duration of the activity is 1.5 hours with30 minutes preparation for the game and 1 hour of play.

We have two sites.

  1. Big Site(Approx. 4.5 - 5 acres): 5 + 5 (10 persons), 6 + 6 (12 persons) ...... 12 + 12 (24 persons) participation in the first field use.
  2. Small Site (Approximately 2.5 acres): 4 + 4 (8 people participation) and 5 + 5 (10 people participation) organizations are used in the second small area.

Evening matches are illuminated and played in the second site. Before coming to our site, you must make a reservation and form teams to save time.

After all equipment is worn, your game starts with 165 paint capsules included in the price. For more capsules, you can add them on the field or at the reservation stage. For night matches, lighting and night service will be charged.

It is recommended that you bring along clothes, spare shoes, gloves and berets according to the season. In our facility, there are common boots / shoes (replacement socks should be brought), berets and gloves that can be used if needed.


  • DAYLIGHT, with all equipment and 165 paint capsules per person: 100 TL
  • NIGHT (with lighting and night service) per person: 110 TL
  • Extra 50 capsules per person taken: 25 TL

For your dinner organizations; You can use the picnic tables by bringing the material yourself.

There is a cafeteria, meat barbecue restaurant and fish meatball restaurant on site.

Note: We do not have any partnership with cafes and restaurants. They apply discounts to paintball customers.


  • All the safety rules, the use of the equipment and the rules related to the gameplay information & training will be given to the participants.
  • Our referees will be on the court with the players throughout the game and will help the player in the implementation of the rules of the game and in the application of the safety rules.
  • The spare weapon, spare paint capsules and spare CO2 tubes that may be needed during the game are available next to our referee and can be supplied on request.
  • Our facility is in Trabzon Park facilities in Ümraniye Tepeüstü. Recreation area is within 500 acres of forest land.
  • Because the weekend is full early; We recommend that you complete your transaction 3-4 days in advance. For weekdays; You can make your reservation 1-2 days in advance.
  • People who are under 15 years of age and who are dangerous for their health (cardiovascular diseases, asthma, shortness of breath, brain diseases, blood diseases, epilepsy, etc.) are inconvenient to play paintball. Persons between the ages of 15 and 18 who wish to play may be accompanied by their teachers with a signed consent form indicating that their parents have permission.


Included Services
  • All paintball equipment
  • 165 Paint Capsules
  • Refeering Service
Excluded Services
  • Personal Expenditures

Optional Services
  • Extra 50 Paint Capsules: 1 EUR


  • This activity does not contain accommodation.


  • This activity does not contain transportation service. 



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