Paintball-Beykoz İstanbul

Turkey, Beykoz, Istanbul
Activity Duration:
48 Minutes
Cancel up to:
Until 2 days
Pay On the Spot Option: 

Free Cancellation for up to 48 Hours


Small Package :200 Capsule

Medium Package :400 Capsule

Big Package :600 Capsule

✪ You can make your package selection at the reservation stage. The whole group can join the game with the same package.


 - Beykoz: It provides exciting minutes to players with Vietnamese Village established in the 9000 square meters of forest area covered with historical trees in the Kaymakdonduran Picnic Ground which is 5 minutes away of Kavacık Center in the Anatolian side.

Scenario: In the scenario which has the main theme of protecting the village in the forest area, one team attacks the village starting from the UH-1 helicopter model with the exact size which was used by the United States in the Vietnam War and the other team starts in the village, and tries to defend themselves. In the scenario played in four parts, the teams can have a chance for defense and to attack by changing roles at each phase.

Number of People:

- The whole group is charged on a single package selected by the group together.

- A net duration of 48 minutes of playing is extended to one and a half hours together with the breaks.

- Our prices are VAT inclusive.

- For food and other alternative services, you can contact our reservation department.


In the paintball sport, there are no words like gun or bullet. Instead of a gun, marker is used and instead of bullet, paint ball is used. When you add the mask and high-pressure tube powering the marker to these, you will have 4 main equipment you will need to play paintball. Also, organizations give some equipment such as outfits, chest guards and gloves according to their service policies and ensure the participants spend more comfortable time. The thermal, double glazing structure of the masks, full of high-pressure tubes (maximum 2900psi for air tubes and maximum 1800psi for CO2) and the quality of paint balls are the factors that affect the playing pleasure technically at most. As a player to play paintball for the first time, the other factor that will draw your attention is the appearance of markers. Technically, there is not much difference between the markers used in the organizations but the most favored models for the appearance and long-time performance are Tippmann Sierra One and BT Delta. We will provide you with all the best equipment during the activity.

Hygiene and Health:

It is always important for us to entertain our players in our facilities, but while entertaining, we pay the utmost attention to the hygiene and health of our players


Included Services
  • Field Fee
  • 200 Paintball Capsules per Person
  • Paintball Markers
  • Thermal Double Glaze Masks
  • 22Ci Dry Air Tubes
  • Unlimited Air Support
  • Complete Camouflage Outfits
  • Plastic Protected Paintball Gloves
  • Neopran Protective Vests & Bandoliers
  • Refereeing
Optional Services
  • Sausage or meatball sandwich + 1 soft drink : 2 EUR
  • Breakfast Package: 3 EUR


  • This activity does not contain accommondation.


  • Transportation is not included

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