Kekova Sea Kayaking

Kas, Antalya, Turkey
Activity Duration:
8 Hour
Cancel up to:
Until 2 days

Kekova Sea Kayaking Tour

  • At 7.30 in the morning we are buzzing in our office close to Kas squarez 
  • From here we reach Üçağız village where our canoes are located after 45 minutes with our tour vehicle waiting for us. 
  • As you prepare, our guides will be preparing the equipment. 
  • After the safety briefing and adjustments, we launch the kayaking. 
  • At the beginning we do experiments and learn thoroughly. 
  • After we feel ready, our journey to blue begins. 
  • Our target is Kekova Island, which is about an hour away. Everywhere around the island there is a relic, one of which is the Tersane Bay, where we will stop for a Byzantine church. 
  • After a swimming break, we paddle towards Sunken City. After the earthquakes that took place 2000 years ago, part of the city was inundated. It is forbidden to swim in the vicinity of the city, but it is possible to get close enough to touch the ruins by canoeing, and even some underwater remains can be seen. The ruins you will see will become even more meaningful with your guide's narratives. 
  • After the photographs we will take, we will head for Kaleköy where we will have lunch. Just do not think we're going to eat, this is also one of Turkey's most picturesque villages. The village, which can only be reached by foot or by the sea, is situated on the ruins of Simena, a Lycian city. 
  • After dinner, you can visit the ruins in free time, climb to the castle of Simena, known for its scenery or explore its streets. 
  • SFinally, we are hanging on oars and passing by the tombs of the ancient city of Teimeussa and coming back to Üçağız, where we started. 

Necessary information

  • Minimum age limit is 12 years.
  • No experience required..
  • Don't forget to bring sunscreen, hat and glasses with you.

  • In addition to swimming clothes and towels, keep dry clothes to wear when you leave the sea.

  • We recommend that you bring swimming goggles and / or snorkels.

  • Please note that special circumstances regarding vegetation, gluten allergy, etc. should be noted at the time of booking. 


Included Services
  • Ucagız Transfer,Guide,Lunch,Kayak,Equipment


  • This activity does not contain accomodation.


  • At 7.30 in the morning we are meeting in our office close to Kas square.Here we go to the village of Üçağız by transfer.



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