Kafka Tourism and Travel Agency operating in Ankara as of January 2016; Guests of all ages from nature weekday or weekend-stay and day tour with history, art, architecture and Turkey and the world that bring together different cultures, is an organization of Consortium members. ,

Kafka Tourism; to provide reasonable price and quality tour facilities to its guests, to promote and protect natural beauties, in terms of the tourism activities of the regions in which the movement is taking into account the purpose of development. During the four seasons of the year, Kafka Tourism, with its crowded groups on different routes, called its own trekking group “Alternative Trekking".

The area we are paying attention to is the “Nature Tourism” area. It removes the individual from the stress, air pollution and monotony within the unhealthy life order created by the city life and enables the individual to step into the natural life which is the most basic beauty of our world. Thus, it plays an active role in the formation of healthier and happier human communities. Kafka Tourism, which announces the planned tour programs to its guests via its web page and social media tools during the year, adds new ones to these programs every week and also organizes special tours for the groups in line with the requests. We are happy to see you, our dear guests, in our programs.


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