Equestrian Safari Tour in Istanbul

Istanbul, Sariyer
Activity Duration:
60 Minutes
Cancel up to:
Until 2 days

✪ Equestrian Safari in the Belgrade Forest of Istanbul! 🌲🐎


We will be giving you unforgettable moments with an amazing safari ride in Belgrade Forest which comes to mind when you say Equestrian Safari in nature in Istanbul.

How about having fun?Horse Riding Safari, which can be located in a quite different place in the nature sports, attracts the attention of everyone of all ages, young or old, because it is both a sports feature and an entertaining activity.

One of the most important issues in Horse Safari is that the organizers of these organizations should be experienced and competent in their work. In this sense, with our service and knowledge and competence in a very special area such as horse safari and nature sports team is one of the first names that come to mind, we promise you a day and good memories you will not forget. We invite you to this horse-riding safari in Belgrade Forest, which combines animal love with healthy living and sporting life.


You don't need to take horseback riding lessons in advance for Horse Safari. In this sense, it does not require professionalism. Horse Safari tours are organized by our team within 60 minutes.

For the safety of the professional team approach and the safety of the Horse Safari, horses are kept by their groomers. In the meantime, if you do not have training in horse riding, how much insistence during the Horse Safari tours, you and the environment for the safety of both horse and horse will not be released. However, if you have horseback riding training, you can also take a free trip. For safety reasons, smoking and talking on the phone are not allowed on Horse Safari tours. You can get help from the grooms in taking pictures. For guests attending our Horse Safari tour, it is also possible to have an organic spreading village breakfast on request.

In the meantime, the Horse Safari tours in a compulsory case, helmets has to be worn. After taking all the safety precautions, you can start the Horse Safari tour.

If you want to do something different in your daily life, you can evaluate your time with Horse Safari so that you can take the first step to an unforgettable day.

In our Istanbul safari activities, you will enjoy the Horse safari which we take place in the forest of Istanbul Belgrade, so don't stay away from the pleasure of Horse safari in Istanbul.


  • The program flow and course are determined by the guides.
  • Guide weather, road, social, natural, timing, technical etc. reasons.
  • People who do not have a health problem that may prevent participation can participate in the tours.


Included Services
  • Guidance
  • 60 Minutes Equestrian Safari Tour
Excluded Services
  • Personal Expenditures


  • This activity does not contain accommodation.


  • This activity does not contain transportation service.



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