Trekking in Osmaneli Bilecik

Turkey, Osmaneli, Bilecik
Activity Duration:
4 Hours Activity -Total 1 Day
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Until 3 days

Free Cancellation for up to 72 Hours


Göksu Çayı region, Osmaneli district is within the boundaries of Bilecik province. It is 220 km away from İstanbul. We will do almost the whole trekking on paths within the forest and the average walking time is four or five hours. It is surrounded by forests, mostly the pine trees... Trekking areas start from 300 m and goes up to 900 meters on average.

The difference of Göksu Çayı region from other general trekking tracks in the Marmara Region is that it has hard rocks as well as forests. Therefore, it offers a different view and walking pace for the walkers each season. Due to the geographical structure, routes with different difficulty levels may be used depending on the group. At the end of the trekking, we will give a break in Osmaneli, which is at least as old as Safranbolu and Beypazarı and while walking around this old city, Osmaneli, we will hear Silk Road stories.


Intermediate/Difficult (Forest, uphill and downhill, earth roads and paths)

Our Notes:

    • We will do trekking. Please be prepared considering this;
    • We may go to the river in the summer; River may cut the road in the winter;
    • If the season and conditions are suitable, you can swim in the river if you want. Please do not forget to bring your swimsuit, towel etc.;
    • Please wear outfits suitable to the season (jacket/sweater, hat, sun glasses, raincoat etc.;
    • Prefer to wear warmer clothes upon lighter ones (you will sweat while walking and when you stop, you may feel cold);
    • Choose shoes suitable for trekking (soil, mud, water etc.). Ankle boots or sports shoes will be good;
    • Carry a small back-pack (your hands should be empty while trekking);
    • Bring spare clothes, socks and shoes;
    • You can bring water and energizing food with you;
    • If any, your medication and vitamins, sun cream, moisturizing cream;
    • Please do not forget to bring enough equipment, back-up battery etc. if you will take photos/videos.

 In our tours:

  • All participants take active role in alternative tourism. Everyone acts in solidarity at each stage.
  • Program schedule is determined by the guide.
  • The guide can make a change in the program for the reasons like weather, road, social aspects, nature, and timing etc.


21:00-22:00 (Estimated. This may change due to traffic etc.)


Pick-Up Points (Please remember to state your pick-up point at the reservation stage)

  • 30 am İncirli ALFEMO (Eski Çarşı) Store
  • 45 am Mecidiyeköy in front of TEB
  • 10 am In front of Kadıköy Registry Office


Included Services
  • Transport
  • Guidance
  • Breakfast
  • Insurance
  • Late Lunch


  • This activity does not contain accomodation.


  • Tansportation is included.Please pay attention to onboarding locations and schedule.Enter your boarding place into the 'note' section



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