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Oludeniz, which contains all the shades of green and blue, is referred to as the Paradise that God Presents the World in Ancient Times. How about exploring this unique natural wonder with Ölüdeniz Boat Trip? Oludeniz, which is home to many civilizations, including the Lycian Civilization, is the perfect place to spend a quiet time. You can easily discover even the most special places in the region with Boat Tours.

Oludeniz Boat Trip Route

The boat tour for Oludeniz cruise starts with departure from Oludeniz Beach at 11.00. The first stop of the boat tour we started with our guests is the Blue Cave, but a total of 6 stops will be visited.

Blue Cave

Especially with the clarity of its water, it is fascinating to those who see it. Blue Cave offers unmissable opportunities for those who want to enjoy the sea to the fullest, while this area is also suitable for diving. With Oludeniz Bays Tour you will have the opportunity to see all these beauties together. After the Blue Cave, we leave for the Butterfly Valley.

Butterfly Valley

Surrounded by steep cliffs, the valley has more than 80 butterfly species. Here you can see the butterflies as well as hiking, you can get a new opportunity to swim. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of the many waterfalls spilling from the steep slopes into the sea with the Butterfly Valley Boat Tour. You can also take perfect landscape photos with Butterfly Valley Tour. Oludeniz Boat Tour is the third among the routes ...

ST. Nicolas Island

The region, which takes its name from the church on the summit of the island, is a must-see for those who are interested in history. Oludeniz Boat Tour included in the banana st. Although it is difficult to reach Nicolas Island by road, it is more convenient to reach by sea. Lunch is also provided during the tour. Lunch consists of a rich buffet so that our guests can easily taste the tastes they wish. The route, which consists of 6 stops, takes approximately one hour at each stop. Discover the Bays of Ölüdeniz with Ölüdeniz Boat Trip Another route stop included in the Boat Trip ...

Aquarium Bay

The bay, where you can easily see thousands of shades of blue, resembles a complete aquarium. It is a frequently preferred bay for those who want to dive. The next stop between Oludeniz Bays Tour ...

Cold Water Dark

This bay, which has a spring from the mountain, has a perfect natural beauty. Are you ready to have a wonderful experience in the bay covered with pine forests? Cold Water Bay, which is one of the first places that come to mind when Oludeniz Boat Tour is mentioned, is located at the point where natural spring water meets the sea. For this reason, you can experience the different experience of swimming in an icy water in the middle of the sea. There are many natural beauties on the way until you reach the bay. In the meantime, our experienced boat crew accompanying our guests throughout the Boat Tour provides the necessary information flow to our guests about every point and place you pass. Thus, you will have information about the history of both the places you visit and the places you visit. You can enjoy clear water during a cool break before completing the Oludeniz Boat Tour. Our last stop is for the guests who want to enjoy the sun during the last hours of a long, fun and exhausting day ...

Camel Beach

You can enjoy the sun at the beach which has calm water at all times of the year or you can spend time swimming in the sea. The exit from the last stop is 18.00. After this time, we will depart again by boat to return to Ölüdeniz Beach. The tour will be completed with Oludeniz Beach.

After a perfect day with Ölüdeniz Boat Tours, you will have a life-long memory with your loved ones. You can make your day more fun with Ölüdeniz Bays Tour.

With Ölüdeniz Adalar Tours, you can spend a quiet day in a crystal clear sea and different natural areas dominated by green tones.

Ölüdeniz Boat Tour Prices have a very economical price list so that you can be with all your loved ones. You can also check the payment options when booking online.

Note: Food and Drink from outside is not accepted.


Included Services
  • Open Buffet Lunch (Chicken, Fish, Macaroni) - Insurance
Excluded Services
  • Personal Expenditures-ST. Nicholas Island Entrance fee 10 TL


  • This activity does not contain accomodation.


  • This activity does not contain transportation service

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