Canyoning in Kaş

Turkey, Kas, Antalya
Activity Duration:
1 Day
Cancel up to:
Until 1 days

Canyon Pass

Canyoning activity is called Canyoning. You will have climbing and descent in the canyon pass.


If you are looking for a different activity in Kaş and want to experience a 1-day survivor adventure then our canyoning tour is waiting for you. Before starting the tour we will try our wetsuit (Diving Suit) a day in advance or early in the morning and give everyone wetsuits.

The canyoning activity starts at 09:00 in the morning from Kaş and goes to the Cyprus Canyon or Hacıoğlan Canyon depending on the season and the water level in the canyons. Before we reach the canyon entrance, in the village of Gömüce, we take a short break for a sip of our tea, brewed in a wood fire, for a group meeting and a short rest.

We make canyon passages with special equipments and experienced guides. Wetsuits, helmets and other equipment, we begin to pass the canyon.

You will not forget this experience. In the canyons we will pass through clear and cool waters, pools, see waterfalls, descend from heights up to 40 meters with the help of rope, climb the rocks.

Lunch in the canyon in the form of a picnic.

Tour start time is 09:00 and end time is 17:00.


Our guests who will participate in our canyon tour should bring solid shose with them, sports shoes are adequate, even after getting wet, do not lose their strength, soles are not very thin and non-slip sports shoes should be preferred. (Shoes made of neoplan fabric sold under the name of canyon shoes are not suitable.)

Underneath the wetsuit you should never wear cotton underwear, the swimsuit will sufficient.

At the end of the tour, you should have dry spare pair of shoes and clothes to wear. As with many water sports, it is best to have a towel and sunscreen on this tour.

If you use eyeglass, rope glasses and if your hair is long to collect them you need to have a hairpin.

If you want to bring a camera, they must be water and shock resistant and have apparatus to attach to your clothing. In addition to all this, a small waterproof case is suitable for your personal belongings.


● People who are at least 12 years old with no significant health problems or disabilities can easily do this tour.

● In addition, depending on the canyon, although you need to know a little swimming.


Included Services
  • Tranfer to the Area
  • Guidance
  • Equipment


  • This activity does not contain accommodation.


  • Transportation service is not included



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