Fethiye ATV Quad Bike Safari

Turkey, Mugla, Fethiye, Oludeniz
Activity Duration:
2-3 Hours
Cancel up to:
Until 2 days

Ready to Feel Adrenaline and Fun with ATV Quad Bike Safari?

Fethiye Atv Safari Tour is an organization of choice for young people and people who want to stay young. During the tour, you can go up to the peak of excitement all day long. Riding in the forest during the day 2 sorties atv safari tour of the excitement created by the natural course of holiday enjoyment is crowned.

Your safety is first!

The safety of the participants is prioritized during the quad safari tour. (no license requirement). Atv Safari Tour, which is held in Kayaköy, is organized every day of the week in accordance with the demand. Transfer and safety equipment is included into the ATV Safari Tour Price. In addition to personal expenses, those who want to purchase CDs, videos or photos can pay an extra fee to keep this excitement as an immortal moment.

Two separate sorties performed in the morning and afternoon at specified times can be completed as single or double. The course will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and includes ditches, slopes, peaks and a natural pathway. Candidates who will be informed by the guides before the Kayaköy Atv Safari Tour can then enjoy the ride by going to the vehicle. Adrenaline, laughter and strategy are an inseparable trio in Atv Safari Tours, which is a very entertaining activity.

Fethiye Holiday Color in Your Hand ...

Those who want to make their days colorful and exciting during the holiday in Fethiye can make a difference with safari tours that do not require driving license and professional experience. Thanks to the tours that are the turning point of an adventure intertwined with nature, all your needs for a pleasant holiday are fully met. Single or two-person charges in the engine are calculated differently. It is not appropriate for children under 12 to participate in Hisarönü Atv Tour. The activity started in early May and continues until the end of October. In addition to morning and lunch sorties, special events can be organized for guests who want to experience driving in the evening. Services included in the price list of Oludeniz Atv Safari Tour. Transfer-Guidance and Equipment.

Transportation to the start of the tour is approximately 1 hour. At the end of the organization, the participants are left to the regions where they are taken. Atv Motor Safari Tours with four wheeled Atv Safari vehicles in natural environment can be seen among the rare activities where entertainment and adrenaline are together. In the tour program, where all kinds of security measures are taken, drivers can achieve the desired results by implementing the techniques they have determined to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

You may have to make sudden decisions because of the ruggedness that you will encounter in the middle of the course in the convoy and you can meet the warm hospitality of the people of the region. In this tour, where the natural beauties of the region can be explored on the motor, you can uncover your hidden driving techniques and at the same time make an ordinary holiday a thrilling experience. It is recommended that those who plan their holiday in Fethiye should participate in this program, and guests who wish to participate in the afternoon ride after the morning tour.

Who Can Attend Atv Safari Tour?

In Fethiye quad bike safari tour, which does not require any license, you can witness the excitement of the city safely. Fethiye Atv Safari vehicles can be practiced at the beginning of the vehicle with the help of expert guides and then you can join the tour alone or by throwing your favorite person behind. Pregnant, panic attack patients or people with a fear of speed are not eligible to participate in this package, where each user is required to wear a helmet.

A small backpack to be prepared before participating in the tour program should be carefully planned to meet all your needs throughout the day. Among the sine qua non of this bag; waterproof shoes, sunscreen, towel spare clothes and some cash. This program, which the participants want to do once again and strongly recommend everyone, can be considered as an opportunity not to be missed for those who are open to unexpected surprises.

Safari Tour in Fethiye

Located on the most popular holiday routes of domestic and foreign tourists, Fethiye attracts attention by offering different alternatives to entertain its guests 365 days a year. It is possible to have an unforgettable holiday thanks to the activities not only for those who do not want to stay in the hotel or holiday village but also who want to explore the region. As soon as you make your holiday plan, you can select the time you want to participate with the online booking option and you can book your place in the tour program according to the number of people.

Transfer to departure location and time information


Included Services
  • Transfer - Security Equipment
Excluded Services
  • Personal Expenditures

Optional Services
  • Double-person ATV (+ 1 Person included): 12 EUR


  • This activity does not contain accomodation.


  • Boarding Time and Places for Morning Session:

    • Fethiye 08:30, Ovacik 08:45, Hisaronu 08:45, Oludeniz 08:30, Calis 8:30
    • Hotels; Letoonia Clup Hotel 08:15, Lycian Liberty Hotel 08:15

    Boarding Hours and Places for Noon Session:

    • Fethiye 12:30, Ovacik 12:45, Hisaronu 12:45, Oludeniz 12:30, Calis 12:30
    • Hotels; Letoonia Clup Hotel 12:15,  Lycian Liberty Hotel 12:15

    Please state your pick-up point in the Notes section during reservation. 

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