I always enjoyed painting and potter making but I didn't think of my hobbies as a real career option. After years of exhausting years in professional life, I decided to take a step and transform it into my real work by combining painting and ceramics.

In January 2018, I started to walk alone on this beautiful road that I started as two people. I am very lucky to have found such a peaceful place with a beautiful garden in front, a long balcony and huge windows.

I love the fact that the piece I made in the workshop with my own hands is unique and unique. While the factory settings reach us collectively; The products we make with your own hands are especially special and beautiful to celebrate these perfection.

My inspiration is refreshed every day with the desire to produce warm, simple and high quality products that will awaken good feelings for everyone with this hand-made ceramic for this beautiful garden.

Everybody, albeit smallish, should have such a thing that is really hand-made and unique. With all these thoughts, I try to explain to everyone who is shopping in the workshop as much as I can how valuable they are in this time.

Workshop Atlas! Hooray for #your flaw and good luck in my life!